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“Yellow Cabs (Qld) Pty Ltd, a company trading in Queensland since 1924, with over 1200 vehicles, commenced trading with Vehicle Development Corporation (VDC) namely Darren Waugh and Jim Cody in 2004. 
We have purchased over 50 vehicles during that time for our own use and for sale to other end users in associated companies. The vehicles ranged from F-150 through to the Super Duty Range which included F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550. These vehicles start life as LHD in the USA and are shipped to VDC in Melbourne for RHD conversion and Australian Compliance. VDC have been and are extremely good in their Quality Control and back up service, 7 days a week.

We have received many miles on the tough roads of Australia from these vehicles, and while we have had a minor amount of failures over the large number of vehicles supplied by VDC, these have been easily and speedily rectified by our own mechanics or with the backup of VDC.

I would not hesitate to recommend Vehicle Development Corporation as a Company to trust and rely on. This has been my firsthand experience”

Yours Faithfully Yellow Cabs (Qld) Pty Ltd.


“Bayswater Diff Service Pty Ltd is a truck transmission and differential repair company operating in Victoria since 1972. We specialize in repair of mid-sized trucks up to road trains. Since 2002 we have purchased several F-trucks of different sizes from VDC and have been very happy with the conversion from left to right hand drive. I have had the pleasure of driving all of the vehicles and am very critical of how the vehicles perform, particularly in the areas of steering and comfort.

In  2007 I was travelling in the USA and spotted a Lincoln Mark LT and desperately wanted one. I contacted VDC but they were unable to supply due to Australian Import Laws. I purchased one from a company in Queensland having test driven the vehicle on flat smooth roads where it seemed good. After taking delivery I was not happy with the ride on country roads and over the next , T2 years I grew a great appreciation for the high quality of work that VDC do. I ended up selling the Lincoln and replacing it with my current 2012 Harley Davidson F-150 from VDC. I have found the vehicles from VDC to be excellent, even when on rough roads and dropping off the edge of the bitumen. Being in the mechanical industry, I couldn’t help but have a detailed look at the quality of the work. The conversion is absolutely faultless and is close to the original as possible. I recently had an issue with my current F-150 where the traction control system where it would randomly activate and put the vehicle into limp mode. I made contact with VDC. They diagnosed the fault quickly and had the vehicle fixed ready for pick up the next day.

Overall, VDC have provided a product and service that is of the highest quality and I look forward to a continued strong customer relationship.”

  • I purchased my 2017 Platinum F150 this year. This is my second truck I have purchased from VDC after having my first truck for 10 years. My first truck was a F150 Lariat. The F150 is comfortable to drive and powerful, this is feature I love about the truck. My purchasing experience, after sales support and service is excellent at VDC. I will be purchasing my next truck from VDC. I would absolutely recommend buying from VDC.Kevin Chuck
  • I have been a customer of Vehicle Development Corporation for 15 to 20 years. I have bought three trucks off Vehicle Development Corporation. My truck is great for towing, it can tow over 6 ton. My truck has great torque, brakes and is very comfortable to drive. My truck needed a part when I was travelling between Darwin and Uluru. I contacted Jim and James from Vehicle Development Corporation at 7am. I received the part at 11pm the same day thanks to Jim and James who provided fantastic service.Bob Little
  • I am extremely happy with my 2013 White Superduty which I purchased from VDC in 2015. The team at Vehicle Development Corporation have invaluable vehicle knowledge and are great to deal with. My Super Duty a magnificent truck to drive is great to drive and I am very happy with the right hand drive modifications. The modification is of high quality. I look forward to one day replacing my great converted truck with the new model. The team at VDC provide full support and service. I would highly recommend purchasing from VDC.Tony Maiolo

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