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Vehicle Development Corporation Pty Ltd. (VDC) is specialist automotive production company with capabilities to convert left-hand-drive vehicles to right-hand-drive with high quality standards. Our production is focused on the F-Series™ vehicles.

The F-Series™ trucks represent a range of light truck vehicles based on
F-150     F-250     F-350     F-450     F-550

which are sold in different configurations including full bodied pickups, cab chassis or a fully integrated unit for a specialist application such as an off-road fire truck or ambulance.

At VDC the focus is on quality and ADR compliance.

At VDC we are committed to supplying a fully complied high quality right hand drive conversion that is second to none on detail and workmanship. VDC has 20 years of experience in sourcing, importing and converting F-Series™ trucks and as the first and leading certified Super Duty™ converter in Australia, you can rest assured that our reputation for high quality and dedication is second to none.


Right Hand Drive Modification
Conversion & Compliance
Parts Supply

What the Clients say?

  • We have purchased over 50 vehicles from VDC. They have been and are extremely good in their Quality Control and back up service,  I would not hesitate to recommend Vehicle Development Corporation as a Company to trust and rely on.Neill Ford, Managing Director - Yellow Cabs (QLD) Pty Ltd
  • I have found the vehicles from VDC to be excellent, even when on rough roads and dropping off the edge of the bitumen. Being in the mechanical industry, I couldn’t help but have a detailed look at the quality of the work. The conversion is absolutely faultless and is close to the original as possible.David Westbury, Managing Director - Bayswater Diff Service Pty Ltd


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